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About Us

Guardian Response is comprised of law enforcement officers who want to give back and share with you all the lessons learned in years of responding and managing everyone’s worst day.  Whether it is shootings, car wrecks, family violence or mass casualty events, we have developed tools and plans to handle them and want to share this knowledge with those who want to become Guardians.  This requires much more than merely attending a license to carry course or getting a CPR certification and thinking that is all we need to impact a critical incident when we come across one.

We started in churches where we saw the devastation of mass shootings that occurred over the last couple years.  Having the skills and knowledge to impact these types of events, our team developed a process for recruiting, vetting and training individuals to act as a team to face these evil acts and save lives before first responders are able to get there.  We believe that this is only the beginning.  We want to impact our culture positively whether it is the individual or churches, schools or your workplace that want teams of Guardians who have been properly vetted and trained to work together so they can step into the breach when it counts the most. 

We don’t claim to hold all the secret answers to responding to these incidents, which is why our community is so valuable.  There are people all over who have developed skills and knowledge that are critical to be able to respond when tragedy is before our very eyes.   Innately we have the desire to protect those we love and the people you do life with, but only a few have taken the time to develop the plans and skills to actually act.  Join our community and share in the process of transformation that is happening all over to be able to look fear in the face - Become a Guardian!

Why You Should Join Us

We have all seen what is going on in the news…rioting, mass shootings…violence.  Ever wondered what you would do if you were caught in one of these critical events at your church or work?  Are you tired of feeling like you are a potential soft target, a victim with no way to protect yourself or those you love?  

You aren’t the only one thinking this.  But let’s suspend these thoughts and fears for a minute.

Think what could be possible if you had a thriving community of like-minded responsible defenders who help each other become prepared for the worst-case scenario when first responders are minutes away.

Join the Guardian Response Nation today and become a Guardian!

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